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Our Commissions Act in the name of our Church family

Commissions: Explained

Commissions: List of Ministries / Volunteer Form

To join a commission, contact a member!


Keith Bonin; Candace and Cole Churchman; Leia Graham, Denise Daniel; Delia Flynn; Linda Gaspard, Chair; George and Judy Gross; Jan Jeffus;Nita St. Andria; Tamara Teta.


Larry Dupré; Gary Hays; Robin Graham, Chair; Ronnie Kaiser; Jennifer Moreau; Sharon Terrell

Evangelization, Initiation, Formation (EIF)

Larry Minton, Chair; Susi Minton

Salt and Light (Charity and Social Action):

Francis Bordelon; Dot Crooks; Myrtle Dantin; Murlene Gallent; Johanne Jeane; Mary “Bootsie” Johnson; Doug LaCour; Shirley Leonard; Laura Luneau; Sharon Meche; Audrey Monette, Chair; Mary Ann Sayer; Susy Tillie; Michael Van Dyke.


Melanie Dupré Delahoussaye, Chair; Dawn Parker, Allison Carmouche, Tanya Johnson, Leia Graham, Carla Racha

Families and Adults

Don and Valerie Fritz; Madonna LeBlanc, Chair


All are welcome to join the Council.

Please contact Robin Graham at 318-445-2497 x14.


318-445-2497 x 5

Church Office

Office Open Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Phone: (318) 445-2497
Fax: (318) 443-0808

Sacred Heart of Jesus in Pineville
600 Lakeview St. Pineville, LA 71360

Office Hours:

Office Hours 9 to 3 Monday - Thursday
Attendant during office hours: 318-445-2496
Automated 24/7: 318-445-2497
Activities Building – 318-473-9987

Robin Graham, Parish Manager
318-445-2497 x 14

Larry Dupré, Volunteer Administrator
318-445-2497 x 16 

Sherry Rabalais, Bookkeeper
318-445-2497 x 15

Thomas Robichaux, Principal Organist

Linda Gaspard, Worship Committee

Donald Buckley, RCIA-Hospitality
For Inquiry Into the Catholic Faith

Melanie Dupré Delahoussaye, CCD/Youth Director

Dawn Parker, Youth Coordinator

Carla Rachal, Middle School Youth Coordinator

Reverend Albi Mulloth, J.C.L., Parochial Vicar
318-445-2497 x 12

Monsignor Bruce Miller, J.C.L., Pastor
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Sacred Heart of Jesus in Pineville[/b] 600 Lakeview St. Pineville, LA 71360